Who is Nacho Figueras, the David Beckham of polo among Prince Harry’s closest friends

Prince Harry’s latest social photo comes from the Instagram profile of Nacho Figueras, one of the Duke of Sussex’s closest friends as well as a fervent supporter of his love story with Meghan Markle. Here’s who is the man who accompanied Harry in his last 15 years.

Ignacio Nacho Figueras Bermejopolo player considered the most famous in the world and Argentine model, is among the closest friends of prince Harry. It is precisely from the man’s Instagram profile that the latest social photo of the Duke of Sussex arrives. Harry poses carefree, almost as if he were an ordinary man. Next to him is his friend Nacho, one of the most important people in the last 15 years of his life.

Nacho Figueras, the “David Beckham of polo”

Nacho Figueras

Professional polo player since he was 17, Nacho has been nicknamed the “David Beckham of polo”. For the objective physical beauty and for his activities in the fashion world. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he is 46. He began to be passionate about sports when he was just 9 years old, encouraged by his father. Having become a professional player, today he is the Captain of the Black Watch, a team of which he is a co-owner. He has an estimated net worth of $30 million and, in addition to being a polo champion, has been a Ralph Lauren model since 2000. Fashion, however, is only Figuras’ second business that he’s only approached for reasons economic and because it would have allowed him to bring people closer to sport. The photographer Bruce Weber pushed him to take this path who, after meeting him at a party in the Hamptons organized by Calvin Kelin’s ex-wife, encouraged him to try that path too.

The bond with Prince Harry

The relationship with Harry started in 2007. They are united by a common passion for polo. Nacho is one of the biggest supporters of the couple formed by Harry and Meghan who he defended staunchly in the course of numerous interviews. He appeared in the documentary the couple made for Netflix, praising Meghan for having “left everything for the man she loves”, including her acting career, and Harry for his commitment to charities that deal with the protection of children. It was precisely to Nacho and his wife Delfina Blaquier that Harry, immediately after the first meeting with Meghan in 2017, confessed that he had found the woman he believed could be the right one. “You could see in his eyes how much he was in love”, the polo champion had said. Nacho is a key part of Harry’s new life in the United States. Both Harry and Nacho play each year for charity events organized by Sentebale, an association co-founded by Prince Harry that supports HIV-infected children and adolescents in southern Africa.

Marriage to Delfina Blaquier

Nacho Figueras with his wife Delfina Blaquier

Nacho Figueras with his wife Delfina Blaquier

Polo also allowed Figueras to meet his wife Delfina Blauier, daughter of another famous representative of sports, a former model and photographer. The first meeting took place in Buenos Aires in 1997. The two began dating the following year, in 2000 they became parents of their first child and in 2004 they got married. Today they have 4 children: Hilario, Aurora, Artemo and Alba.

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