Will British royalty play again as a fast-paced equine sport returns to Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara is home to one of the oldest polo facilities in the country. Polo season starts this weekend.

From the speed and agility of the horses and jockeys, to the folks in their finery, polo in Santa Barbara is just as much about the spectators as it is the sport.

“The lifestyle, the food and beverage, the fashion…is in full-swing here,” said David Sigman, the General Manager of Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. 

He told KCLU that polo makes a fun family day out, and the ticket prices start at $30. 

“And don’t leave before the half, because we still do that big divot-stomp every Sunday,” said Sigman.

polo jen.jpg
Polo Season returns to Santa Barbara at the weekend

Last season there was a sensation when a member of the British Royal family surprised polo-goers when played at the club. 

Prince Harry – who lives now in Montecito – was part of a team with Nacho Figueros. 

“Harry’s ability was very impressive, he was quite the horse-man. He played polo the way that we play polo – a tough, competitive, fair player,” said Sigman. 

“We are really hoping they do decide to come back and they always have a spot here,” he added.

The first match of the season is Sunday at 4 p.m.

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