World Polo Tour: Facundo Pieres is the Number 1, after the final at Palermo

Following the championship match of the Argentine Open, that saw La Natividad victorious for the second time over La Dolfina, the World Polo Tour announced the changes within the international ranking, that included, as usual, several tournaments played during a very busy November, such as the Cámara de Diputados Cup, the VII Women’s Argentine Open, among many other remarkable competitions of the Spring Season in Argentina.

The most important change is that Facundo Pieres, the recent winner of the Argentine Open at Palermo with La Natividad, will close the year at the top of the ranking. It is worth to note that the last time he claimed the most important tournament of the 13 years ago. In addition, he won the Tortugas Open. With regards to his career abroad, in the US he played with Pilot – runner up of the CV Whitney Cup and USPA Gold Cup and lost the semifinals of the US Open. In England, he played for Park Place, and won the Prince of Wales Trophy, played the quarter finals of the Queen’s Cup, and was a runner up of the British Open. Last but not least, he went back to Sotogrande, after a 5 years absence, and reached the final of the Gold Cup with MB Polo.

Facundo is followed by his two team mates, the Castagnola brothers. Barto had an unforgettable year worldwide, including wins in England and Spain. Camilo was also as successful as his brother, although he lost to him in the final of the British Open. La Natividad’s fourth player, Pablo MacDonough, claimed his 12th. title in the Argentine Open, and he’s placed in 9th. place within the ranking.

With regards to the ladies circuit, and after El Overo Z7 UAE impressive victory in the Women’s Argentine Open, Hazel Jackson overcame Nina Clarkin as the new number one. Hope Arellano, who achieved big success with El Overo Z7 UAE is placed as number 3, followed by Milly Hine. Izzy Parsons, another member of the ladies champions, is in 9th. place.

The details of the Ranking of the World Polo Tour are the following:


1) Facundo Pieres (=)

2) Barto Castagnola (+1)

3) Camilo Castagnola (+1)

4) Poroto Cambiaso (-2)

5) Adolfo Cambiaso (=)

6) Hilario Ulloa (=)

7) Juan Martín Nero (=)

8) David Stirling (=)

9) Pablo Mac Donough (+4)

10) Fran Elizalde (-1)


1) Hazel Jackson (+1)

2) Nina Clarkin (-1)

3) Hope Arellano (+3)

4) Milly Hine (+3)

5) Mia Cambiaso (=)

6) Lía Salvo (-3)

7) Candelaria Fernández Araujo (+1)

8) Cata Lavinia (-4)

9) Izzy Parsons (+17)

10) Milagros Fernández Araujo (+4)


1) David Paradice

2) Andrey Borodin

3) Rashid Albwardy

4) Curtis Pilot

5) Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum

For further information and check the complete rankings, CLICK HERE.

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