World Polo Tour: The latest updates within the ranking

The season in Europe is on the verge to end and the next destination of the international polo calendar is no less than Argentina; not only the coveted Triple Crown, that includes the highlight of the year, the much anticipated championship match of the Argentine Polo Open, but also a large number of tournaments that await the biggest stars of the sport from Argentina and worldwide. And although the Open de France, the country’s most remarkable competition, is still underway, the World Polo Tour, the international ranking of polo, brings many news in August.


Among the pros, Facundo Pieres remains on top of the ranking. It is worth noting that Facundo played with Park Place in the last season in England and with MB Polo during the International Polo Tournament in Sotogrande. He’s followed by the new number 2, Bartolomé Castagnola Jr., who claimed the Gold Cup for the British Open, at Cowdray Park Polo Club, with UAE, as well as the Gold Cup, in Sotogrande, with Dubai. Number three is Poroto Cambiaso.

Hilario Ulloa follows Poroto, retaining his fourth place; Adolfo Cambiaso went down from third to fifth place leaving Polito Pieres behind. Juano Britos (8), Juan Martín Nero (9) and Fran Elizalde (10) close the Top Ten, with the latter placed among the ten best players for the first time ever.

It is worth to note that the young guns are coming up quickly. Lukin Monteverde, recent winner of the British Open, at Cowdray Park, with UAE, jumped from 16th. place to 11th. place, while the skilled 13-years-old Rufino Laulhé had a remarkable raise, from 155th. place to 69th, after winning the Gold Cup, in Sotogrande, with Dubai.AMATEURSRashid Albwardy, winner of the Electrolit Gold Cup in Sotogrande, moved up from fifth place to third. Meanwhile, MB Polo’s Prince Mateen Bolkiah, runner up of the same tournament, had also a big jump, from 259 place to 37.The MVP of July are the following: MVP Pro: Bartolomé Castagnola Jr.MVP Amateur: Prince Mateen.Pick of the Month: Rufino Laulhé.TOP 10 PRO1) Facundo Pieres
2) Bartolomé Castagnola Jr.
3) Poroto Cambiaso
4) Hilario Ulloa
5) Adolfo Cambiaso
6) Camilo Castagnola
7) Polito Pieres
8) Juan Britos
9) Juan Martín Nero
10) Francisco ElizaldeTOP 5 AMATEURS1) Andrey Borodin2) David Paradice3) Rashid Albwardy4) Curtis Pilot5) Sheikha Maitha Al MaktoumTOP 5 LADIES1) Hazel Jackson2) Nina Clarkin3) Lía Salvo4) Catalina Lavinia5) Mia CambiasoFor further information World Polo Tour.

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