BTA and 90210 Polo to decide Iglehart Cup

BTA and 90210 Polo qualified to the championship match of the Iglehart Cup, following their wins in semifinals against Copperline and Tonkawa. The semifinals took place at the National Polo Center, in Wellington, Florida, United States. Therefore, both teams will go head-to-head for the title next Monday, at Valiente Polo Club. Meanwhile, Novo Polo y La Fe /Dazos will go for the Subsidiary George Haas Cup, on Saturday.

The contest is named after Philip Iglehart, who reached 7-goal status and, among other achievements, he won the US Open, in 1953. He was inducted in the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame, in 1993 and one of the Hall of Fame’s highest honors is also named after him, the prestigious Philip Iglehart Award  established in 2001, to acknowledge exceptional lifetime contributions to the sport of polo.



BTA: Nachi Viana 6 (9 goals), Alfonso Pieres 5, Steve Krueger 5 (3), Kelly Beal 0. Total: 16.

COPPERLINE FARM: Ben Ketchum 0, Nicolás Escobar 5 (6 goals), Felipe Vercellino 7 (3), Lucas Escobar 4 (2). Total: 16.

Score BTA: 0-2, 5-3, 6-5, 6-7, 9-9, 12-11.

90210 POLO 12-10 TONKAWA

90210 POLO*: Sarah Siegel-Magness 0, Louis Hine 4 (1 goal), Jesse Bray 7 (7), Geronimo Obregon 5 (2). Total: 16.

*2 goals on Penalty 1.

TONKAWA: Jeff Hildebrand 0, Rufino Merlos 3 (1 goal), Jerónimo Del Carril 8 (8), Ignacio Badiola 5 (1). Total: 16.

Score 90210 Polo: 3-2, 6-3, 7-5, 7-7, 9-7, 12-10.

The Iglehart Cup will resume as follows::

Saturday March 16:

3pm, George Haas Final: Novo Polo vs La Fe / Dazos. Venue: Valiente Polo Club.

Monday March 17:

3pm, FINAL IGLEHART CUP: 90210 Polo vs BTA. Venue: Valiente Polo Club.

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