Family and polo shine at 20th Devereux Cup on Father’s Day

Barry Stout recalls the glory days of his fabled polo career, one that has sent him around the world, and more importantly, been able to pass on to his children on his own stomping grounds — Stout Ranch — since they were born. On Sunday, a traditional polo match played a big part in Barry’s Father’s Day celebration.

The 20th Devereux Polo Cup took place this Father’s Day weekend at Stout Ranch, a private wildlife and ranch preserve near New Castle. Started in 2004, the event has become a beloved tradition. This year, the competition featured eight polo players from around the country, with Team Land Rover Roaring Fork facing off against Team Hotel Colorado.

The patriarch of the Stout family, Barry Stout, couldn’t hide his excitement. 

“It’s unbelievable. I’m so excited,” Stout said. “I don’t get to see my kids too much. To be able to get together with them for a special event that just so happens to fall on Father’s Day is pretty cool.”

The event was filled with free food and beverages, music, halftime entertainment and an air show, making it a family-friendly celebration.

For Selby Stout, Barry Stout’s oldest/youngest son, playing polo is a cherished family tradition. 

“I started playing polo at a very young age, probably around four, and it was because of my dad,” Selby said. “Being part of that atmosphere was just a part of childhood, and it has been such a blast. “

Jennifer Stout echoed her brother’s sentiments. 

“What led me into the polo realm was my father and just growing up on the ranch,” Jennifer said. “He became a professional polo player when I was around 6 or 7 years old.”

“Polo is a big part of my life,” Barry Stout said. “I’m 65 years old and still healthy because I’ve been laboring my whole life, both on the ranch and in the sport..”

Selby reflected on the unique experience of playing polo. 

“Polo is a wild concept,” he said. “It allows people of different ages to keep up and play. It’s a great experience to do with friends and family.”

Jennifer, though not having pursued the sport of polo or riding a horse in “20 years,” said her role in the event is more about supporting her family members throughout the match. 

“For me, this means a ton to our family and it is a great event that is for a great cause” she said. “My dad needs my help, and he needs an extra player on the field, so it’s great to be able to go out there and support him, especially when it falls on his special day.”

For Selby Stout, there couldn’t have been a better day to hold the match, as coinciding with Father’s Day added a special touch to the event.

 “Wanting to do something for him on Father’s Day, I think this is probably the best thing that can be done,” Selby said. “It’s great timing, and I’m all here for it.”

Barry Stout shared his pride in having his children participate. 

“Polo is one of these things that takes several months of preparation,” Barry said. “But I’m super excited that they’re playing with me for Hotel Colorado.”

Jennifer’s thoughts on her father’s passion were touching. 

“For my father, he’s passionate about polo but also about his family being a part of that with him,” she said. “Being there for Father’s Day makes my dad very proud.”

Despite the challenges, Jennifer appreciated the opportunity to play. 

“I haven’t really ridden a horse in 20 years,” she said. “Last year was the first year I had been on a horse in 18 years. I’m just out there to help my dad and have fun.”

Growing up on a ranch taught the Stout children valuable lessons. 

“It teaches you hard work and discipline,” Jennifer said. “My dad really ingrained in me how to be safe and work hard.”

The Devereux Polo Cup at Stout Ranch was not just a sporting event but a heartfelt family reunion. In Barry’s words, he said it was “The perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day,” bringing together the Stout family and the local community in a memorable celebration of polo and family.

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