Joe Barry Memorial Cup: Semifinals already set

The Joe Barry Memorial Cup is currently underway at Port Mayaca Polo Club and the National Polo Center, in Wellington, Florida, United States. The contest kicked off on January 14 and will run through January 28. The contest is the second 16-goal tournament, following the Continental Cup, which was claimed by Forbes Plunkett a couple of weeks ago.

The semifinals have been set after the last qualification games, that have been played during the weekend. Patagones and Forbes Plunkett, and La Fe/Dazos and BTA, are the four teams due to battle for the tickets to the final.


Las Brisas 10-9 Patagones

La Fe/Dazos 19-12 Catamount

BTA 9-10 SD Farms/Old Hickory Bourbon

Sunday Game: Forbes Plunkett 15-8 Palm Beach Equine

MVP: Nico Escobar.

BPP: Charisma. Jugador: Nico Escobar.



BTA: Nachi Viana 6, Steve Krueger 5, Alfonso Pieres 5, Kelly Beal 0.

FORBES PLUNKETT: Brandon Plunkett 0, Nicolas Escobar 5, Felipe Vercellino 7, Lucas Escobar 4.

PALM BEACH EQUINE: Antonio Aguerre 2, Dylan Rossiter 6, Gringo Colombres 8, Scott Swerdlin 0.

SD FARMS/OLD HICKORY BOURBON: Sayyu Dantata 1, Peco Polledo 6, Stevie Orthwein 3, Mariano Obregon 6.


LA FE/DAZOS: David Farache 0, Robi Bilbao 6, Francisco Elizalde 9, Louis Devaleix 1.

LAS BRISAS: Larry Aschebrook 1, Juan Martin Gutierrez 3, Matias Obregon 4, Juan Martin Obregon 6.

PATAGONES: Jack Whitman 2, Joaquin Avendaño 4, Edward Banner-Eve 5, Santiago Wulff 5.

CATAMOUNT: Scott Devon 0, Rufino Merlos 3, Keko Magrini 6, Luquitas Criado 7.

The semifinals of the La Joe Barry Memorial are set to be played on Wednesday January 24, times yet TBA:

Semifinal #1: Patagones vs Forbes Plunkett

Semifinal #2: La Fe / Dazos vs BTA

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