La Cañada Open kicks off

La Cañada Open, one of the most remarkable tournaments of the highly competitive Autumn season in Argentina is set to commence on Monday April 22, at La Cañada Polo Club, set in Open Door, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teams will compete for the Ezequiel Fernández Guerrico Cup (open) and the Subsidiary Alejandro Cavanagh Cup (handicap). The 2023 La Cañada Open will see eight lineups up to 28 goals, partake. The finals are due on Saturday April 27.

Several renowned players will take part of the contest, such as Bartolomé Castagnola Jr., Alejo Taranco, Miguel Novillo Astrada, Diego Cavanagh, Jerónimo del Carril, Guillermo Caset, Mariano Obregón, Juan Martín Zubía, Paco de Narvaez Jr. (recent runner up of the US Open), Cruz Heguy, Ollie Cudmore, among others.

The opening day, Monday April 22, will have a single match, Chapaleufu vs. Cañuelas Polo.

La Cañada Open – Teams & Fixture

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