National Polo Open championship final on Sunday

Naeem Niazi:

The final of the Bank Alfalah National Open Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup 2024 will be played between FG Polo and BN Polo at the Lahore Polo Club, Racecourse at 3 p.m. on Sunday (tomorrow).A number of pre-match festivities have been planned to entertain the golf-lovers at the ground.

The day will kick off with a display of vintage cars, a bikers’ parade, Arabian horse show, and javelin exhibition and before that the subsidiary final between Diamond Paints/Master Paints and Olympia/AZB Polo will be contested.A grueling battle is expected for the booty between the two best teams on the final day of the 61st edition of the country’s premier polo event between FG Polo and BN Polo.About the finalists, President Lahore Polo Club Malik Azam Hayat Noon said both teams have demonstrated exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament. He expressed the hope that the golf-lovers will be provided with a remarkable final game as a  suitable farewell to an exhilarating championship.”He voiced his hope that the vibrant community of Lahore would turn up in large numbers to witness a spectacular final.Noon thanked the sponsors for all-out support for the premier polo event, adding that Polo –  sport of kings and knights, thrives on such noble backing, and we are optimistic that more corporations will join in fostering the spirit of this majestic game.”

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