Pacers and Polo to be held at Whitney Field

For nearly two decades, Pacers and Polo has been held at Powderhouse Field. Now, the third and final leg of the Triple Crown will be held at a new location for the first time.

Whitney Field, located at 420 Mead Ave., is the area’s oldest polo venue and will be the site for the March 30 event as the Aiken Polo Club takes full control of the event.

“It’s a little more exclusive, a little more private, it will be more fun and it will be a better event,” said Susie Kneece, who serves as director of marketing for the Aiken Polo Club.

In previous years the event was held in conjunction with USC Aiken, so the event was held at Powderhouse Field because the school would rent out the field from the club, Kneece said.

Kneece said with the polo club having full control, the event was able to move.

“We wanted to keep the Triple Crown going with Pacers and Polo, so that is why we decided to do it at Whitney Field. The Aiken Polo Club could help the community to keep it going,” Kneece said.

  • By Bianca Moorman

Last year’s Pacers and Polo was canceled before the games started because rain at the beginning of the day made the conditions unsafe for the polo riders and the horses.

Kneece said even though USC Aiken doesn’t have direct involvement in the event, they are a sponsor. She said proceeds from the event will be given to USC Aiken’s athletic department and equestrian programs.

Kneece said the new venue location will allow patrons to experience better polo and will have better food options with catering being done by the Park Avenue Oyster Bar and the Willcox.

Gates for the event will open at 10:30 a.m., and the dining area and bar will open at 11:30 a.m.

The game will begin at 1 p.m. with six seven-minute chukkers, a 20-minute intermission and awards ceremony.

According to a Facebook post from the Aiken Polo Club, the Stella Artois team will take on the Osla Agency team.

Overall, Kneece said the event will be a fun day for families and for the community.

“We want this to be successful so we can keep it in the community,” she said.

For additional details or to purchase tickets, contact Kneece at or call 803-646-3302.

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