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Owners and trainers of polo ponies and race horses are well aware of a major challenge:  What happens to my horse when it reaches the end of its professional polo or racing career?  Until now, the answer has not always been a positive one. There has been a longstanding need to create a more formal, recognized process to bridge the polo and race horse from its present to its future.

Check out ReplayPolo 501c3 organization where “Our horses do their best for us. We should do our best for them”. See the past Success Stories how retired polo ponies and retired race horses are living happily ever after with a new purpose in life. These retired polo ponies pay it forward to people in a therapeutic way. ReplayPolo was founded by Brittany Halstead, who was given a polo pony to help her heal after a near death car accident. She sustained a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for 2 weeks. After a month of treatment in the hospital, she continued to get treatment naturally with her retired polo pony Fanta. After healing miraculously, ReplayPolo was founded to help many more people in need of a therapeutic solution.

ReplayPolo is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization for the purpose of receiving donations and generating other monies dedicated to moving retired polo ponies and retired race horses into productive second careers.

ReplayPolo is organized around two basic and related business motions:

  • A pipeline that identifies candidate retiring polo ponies and retired race horses, moves them through a brief re-education process and then re-homes them in a productive new purposeful and accommodating environment; and
  • An instruction/recreational program that identifies candidate students/riders and gives them a unique multi-discipline learning experience, generates revenue for its principals, and prepares the horses for their new careers.

ReplayPolo answers the need with a repeatable, extensible program designed to grow into a large-scale solution for the sport.  By combining (1) the preparation of retired polo ponies and retired race horses for their next careers with (2) professional instruction of riders (of any age and knowledge/ability level), ReplayPolo creates a logical, financially sustainable business process that achieves multiple objectives.

Importantly, ReplayPolo has a financial formula to suit the needs of all sides of the business equation.   When it comes to our horses, it’s not all about business, but the fact is that even the most horse-committed people, organizations and companies need a sustainable business process that provides performance and value at every level.  ReplayPolo believes it has that and more.

Above all, ReplayPolo is different because it features the talent and commitment of a unique individual (and soon many more like her) dedicated to the sport and its future.

See the articles on ,and which follow as an example of the constructive coverage ReplayPolo and founder Brittany Halstead have generated for the sport of polo and its horse

Currently, Replay has 2 retired race horses who are ready to be adopted. Please submit an adoption request form or call 615-618-8316. Follow ReplayPolo Facebook and instagram to see when polo ponies will soon be available for adoption.

Neigh Neigh Now- (NY bred) Gelding, 15.3 hands, DOB April 21, 2021. After only racing 3 times his owner and trainer decided to retire him, since he liked running behind the pack. He is built up hill, good confirmation for a hunter or jumper. He has great ground manners. Neigh Neigh is very loving; comes to the gate and reaches down to get in his halter. His farrier says “his feet are almost a perfect 10; leave him barefoot.” When flatting him, he is very soft in the mouth.

Winwood- (NY bred) Gelding, 15.2 hands, DOB May 28, 2021. After racing four times his owner and trainer decided to retire him, since he never did win, place or show. He is a very intelligent young boy who will succeed to the top in another discipline. He seems to have a good potential for polo. Plus his ground manners are impeccable. He is a very social horse. No spooks, no vices and sound. Winwood is very classy and fragile. He could also succeed in dressage or jumping. He has endless possibilities. Good hooves and could stay barefoot.

Replay horses are now boarded at Willow Run South in Lake Worth, FL. This polo farm is the perfect place for a young horse off the track to learn to become a cool, calm and collected horse. They are turned out in a paddock together, watching polo ponies go on sets and playing polo. Riding on sets with polo ponies and being tacked up in a field, tied to the pony line. They are enjoying the freedom and being with their friends when they work. The happy vibes at Willow Run South is the key ingredient to success.



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