República Argentina Cup: Semifinals already set

The República Argentina Cup resumed on Saturday April 20, and following the matches due on that day, the semifinals have been set, to be played on Tuesday April 23. Oriental, Trenque Lauquen La Fe, Venado Tuerto and La Natividad are the four lineups who qualified for the next stage of the prestigious contest. With regards to the Subsidiay Trophies, the semi-finals of the Diario La Nación Cup are also set, while Velay and Amadeus will play the final of the Canada Cup.


League 1

El Silencio Brava PT 14-15 One-Eyed Deer

Velay 13-13 Sol de Mayo Don Ercole

League 2

Arelauquen PC 10-10 Trenque Lauquen La Fe

La Estacada El Refugio 17-16 Cuarto Rincón El Tigre

League 3

Oriental 11-12 Amadeus

Half Moon 9-13 La Chavita

League 4

The Nativity 13-12 VT Costa Esmeralda

The República Argentina Cup will continue on Tuesday April 23, at the AAP Headquarters, in Pilar, and the order of play is the following:

Argentine Republic Cup Semifinals:

1:00 p.m.: One-Eyed Deer vs. The Nativity

3:00 p.m.: Oriental vs. Lauquen La Fe Train

Semifinals Diario La Nación Cup:

1:00 p.m.: VT Costa Esmeralda vs. The Silence Brava PT

3:00 p.m.: Arelauquen PC vs. Chavita

República Argentina Cup – Fixture & Teams

FINAL Canada Cup:

11:00 a.m.: Velay vs. Amadeus


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