The Bryan Morrison Arena Test Match Teams

England vs Ireland on 20 January
The teams for The Arena Polo International Day on Saturday 20 January at All England Polo Club, Hickstead have been announced. The opening match will see Junior Red (Wilfred Bate (1), Logan Anderson (2), Rafi Bruckner (2) & Reserve: Leo Stuart (1)) vs Junior Blues Hugh Bate (1), Archie Heseltine (2), Estanislao Mariano Darritchon (2) & Reserve: Nathaniel Watson (1)) and the main match of the day will be between England and Ireland – the first time the two teams have played against each other since 2015. 

The Inspired Arena Test Match for the Bryan Morrison Trophy Teams:

England (20): Jack Hyde (8) (On-Field Captain), Matias Amaya (7), Sebastian Hancock (5). Reserve: TBC. Coach & Off-Field Captain: Max CharltonI

reland (20): Richard Tyrone (8) (Captain), Michael Henderson (7), Niall Donnelly (5). Reserve: Evan Power (5) 

Photograph: This year England will be defending their title against Ireland.

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