The German Polo Association introduces Ladies Handicaps: Equal opportunities in the sport of polo

The German Polo Association (DPV) is delighted to announce the introduction of Ladies Handicaps from 2024! This decision, already established in other foreign associations, marks a significant step towards promoting equal opportunities and fairness in polo for women.

To achieve this aim, the DPV has established its own Ladies HCP Commission, consisting of five members. Led by experienced polo player Svenja Hölty, the commission is comprised of three female and two male polo players. Its primary objective is to ensure the ladies handicaps are awarded fairly and transparently.

The current Ladies HCPs are now available on the DPV website. Four Ladies tournaments are scheduled for the 2024 season, where the new handicaps will be applied for the first time. These tournaments provide an ideal platform for ladies to demonstrate their skills under fair conditions and establish themselves in the polo community.

Here is the programme of the Ladies tournaments for the 2024 season:

1st Copa de Oro Feminino (Polo Club Schleswig-Holstein e.V; Gut Aspern) – July 5-7, 2024 2nd International Ladies Cup (Polo Club PoloPark Brandenburg e.V.; Seeburg near Berlin) – July 12-14, 2024 3rd Ladies Cup (PPCCBB e.V.; Phoeben) – July 26-28, 2024 4th Ladies Cup (Polo Club Mühlen e.V.; Mühlen) – August 23-25, 2024

These tournaments not only offer exciting matches but also a unique opportunity for ladies to establish themselves in the polo community and showcase their skills.

Looking ahead to the coming season, there will not only be a series of exciting matches but also a continuous review and adjustment of the Ladies Handicaps by the commission. Additionally, Arena HCPs will be set for all active players at the end of the season, which will apply from 2025 onwards.

The German Polo Association stands firmly behind its commitment to growth and diversity in polo and looks forward to an exciting and successful 2024 season.

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