La Republica Polo Club kicks off a new 3-day gig called Prague Urban Polo at a new address within the Czech Capital City on the 31. May.

Prague had multiple locations where polo was a thing, though La Republica Polo Club is trying to make it big at a new address called Cholupice, just 30 minutes south of Old Town Square. The club is accessible to anyone who loves horses and polo. Players from everywhere are welcome to come and play, stable horses, play low goal polo, and then go wild in the city center.

The tournament is called Prague Urban Polo and is being held for 3 days on 31.5. The aim is to attract a bigger audience by offering free entrance. The event description also makes this very clear: „We are a polo club, where everyone is welcome. And we would like you to be a part of it. You can wear a fancy hat or come in jeans, as long as you have a smile on your face“.

Just as Polo in Argentina, players and guests can enjoy street food including empanadas, burgers, beer, and wine accompanied by local DJs.

The field, not the biggest one, 190m long and 113m wide, will though be a field that can bring polo closer to the audience. Making it easier as well for the players, as teams will be 3 on each side. The event will be umpired by polo professional Maciek Olbrych from Poland and moderated by international polo speaker Jan Zavázal, who is mostly active as “The Polo Speaker” in Central Europe, though is home at La Republica Polo Club.

Czech out the info sheet for more information: HERE

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