Tomas Panelo Raised to 10 Goals in USA

USPA 2024 Outdoor Handicap Raises

With the end of the 2024 Gauntlet of Polo, the United States Polo Association has released their outdoor player handicap changes. Unsurprisingly after his successful US 22 goal season in which he won The USPA Gold Cup, The US Open and reached the Final of The C.V. Whitney, Tomas Panelo will see his handicap go up from 9 to 10 goals on 1 May 2024. Other increases include Paco De Narvaez Jr from 5 to 7 goals and Rufino Merlos from 3 to 5 goals. Click here to view the full list.

Photograph: Tomas Panelo has been raised to 10 goals after a successful 2024 Gauntlet of Polo. By David Lominska/ USPA

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