USA-1 Triumphs Over India-1 in International Arena Polo Championship 2024

In a thrilling match at the Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club (HPRC), USA-1 secured a hard-fought victory against India-1 in the ongoing International Arena Polo Championship 2024.

The match, held on Day 3 of the championship, witnessed intense action as the USA-1 team emerged triumphant with a final score of 10-6.

Led by Sloan Stefankis, the USA-1 team showcased exceptional skill and determination throughout the game. Stefankis dominated the field, contributing a remarkable 7 goals to his team’s tally.

Supporting him were teammates Mega Flynn and Jake Klentner, who collectively added three more goals, with Klentner securing two goals.

Despite a formidable challenge from the host side, India-1, led by Yennepally Anand’s impressive performance with four goals, fell short in their quest for victory.

Mohd Arsalan Khan and Chaitania R Kumar also made notable contributions, each scoring a goal.

The match showcased the competitive spirit and talent of both teams, captivating spectators with its display of skill and strategy.

With this win, USA-1 advances to the semifinals of the International Arena Polo Championship, joining Spain, India-2, USA-2, and other top contenders in the quest for the championship title.

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