USPA Gold Cup: La Fe and Coca Cola victorious

The USPA Gold Cup, the second leg of The Gauntlet of Polo, which celebrates its 50th. anniversary this year, kicked off on Wednesday February 28, with double action at the National Polo Center, in Wellington, Florida, United States. The tournament, that preceeds the most significant polo competition in the United States, sees nine teams up to 22 goals, in participation.

La Fe and Coca Cola were victorious on the opening day. The former claimed a narrow 11-10 win over Dutta Corp, in extra chukka, while Gillian Johnston’s team defeated the recent winners of the Ylvisaker Cup, Clearwater, by a 14-11 score.


All teams will play four preliminary matches each. Following the conclusion of preliminary play, all teams will be ranked 1-9. The top four ranked teams will draw for semifinal pairings with the winners of the semifinals advancing to the USPA Gold Cup final. Any ties between teams that played each other will be broken by who-beat-who. All other ties will be broken by a one-player shootout. The Retama Cup will serve as the subsidiary to the USPA Gold Cup. Teams who do not qualify for the semifinals of the USPA Gold Cup will automatically be entered in the Retama Cup.

The final of the USPA Gold Cup is due on Sunday March 24, at the National Polo Center.


LA FE 11-10 DUTTA CORP (extra chukka)

La Fe: Lucas Diaz Alberdi 6, Robi Bilbao 6, Francisco Elizalde 9, Louis Devaleix 1. Total: 22.

Dutta Corp: Joaquín Avendaño 4, Mariano Obregón 6, Facundo Cruz Llosa 7*, Timmy Dutta 4. Total: 21.

Score La Fe: 3-2, 6-3, 6-4, 8-6, 9-7, 10-10, 11-10.

Umpires: Julian Appleby & Héctor Galindo.                                  Third man: Jamie Mirikitani.


Coca Cola: Gillian Johnston 0, Kristos Magrini 6, Pablo Pieres 9, Julián de Lusarreta 7. Total: 22.

Clearwater: Chip Campbell 1, Raúl Colombres 8, Lucas Criado Jr. 7, Jared Zenni 6. Total: 22.

Score Coca Cola: 4-2, 8-3, 8-5, 11-7, 13-10, 14-11.

Umpires: Jamie Mirikitani & Julian Appleby.                                Third man: Héctor Galindo.

The USPA Gold Cup will resume through Thursday February 29 and Friday March 1, as follows:

Thursday February 29:

11am: Pilot vs. Park Place

Friday March 1:

11am: Tamera vs. La Dolfina/Tonkawa

USPA Gold Cup – Teams & Fixture


CV Whitney Cup: February 9 – 25.

USPA Gold Cup: February 28 – March 24.

U.S. Open Polo Championship: March 22 – April 21.

Utilizing the same prize money distribution for the 2023 Gauntlet of Polo, the format guarantees a total of $200,000 in prize money. $50,000 will be awarded to each of the winning teams of the C.V. Whitney Cup and USPA Gold Cup. Similarly, $100,000 in prize money will bepresented to the winner of the U.S. Open Polo Championship and any team that wins all three tournaments will be crowned the Gauntlet Champion. In keeping with the spirit of philanthropy, U.S. Polo Assn. will provide a $2,500 donation to the winner and runner-up teams of all three finals to be donated to a polo charity of their choice.

All Sunday games are due on the National Polo Center main ground.

Cover photo, by Agustina Fonda.

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